Marketing strategies for small businesses

Go-To-Market Strategy


Is your business growth healthy, but stagnating?  Do you have a pipeline of new products, services or programs ready to fulfill the evolving needs of your customers?  

We help you take a step back to look at where you've been, where you are today, and where you need to go to remain relevant with your customer base.  Whether it's a need to look a new products, new services, new programs, or simply or new way of doing business, we offer the objective perspective to help guide you to the next level.

Brand Strategy


A tremendous amount of market value comes from the "hard-to-assess" intangible assets of your company:  your unique knowledge, intellectual capital, and goodwill.  And a reputable brand helps gain recognition, market share, product loyalty and increased profit margins. 

At Austen Marketing & Communications, we help you develop and implement the strategy necessary to build your unique brand and unlock your value.

Communications Strategy


Does your business have a history of success and a wealth of knowledge, but no communications that reflect your unique value? Is your website consumer friendly? Are your communications social media friendly? 

We help you position your products and your business within the marketplace to gain maximum value and build company and brand recognition through your communications, public relations and the implementation of a marketing plan that showcases your unique value. 

Other services


User-Friendly Website & Blog Design

We can design a cost-effective website and blog  that is for you to edit and manage in-house.  Don't have the time to develop blog content and keep up-to-date? We can handle that for you! 

Marketing Materials

Brochures, catalogues, data sheets, infographics ... we work with you to develop the right type of marketing materials that focus on your unique value proposition and help you disseminate those materials to the right audience.

Social Media & Email Marketing

We develop customized marketing plans to disseminate your content through social media, email campaigns and blogs to ensure that the right message, gets to the right audience.


About the founder


Dora Cheatham

Dora Cheatham is the Founder & Principal of Austen Marketing & Communications. With over 25 years  experience in international business development and marketing, Dora specializes in brand development and product/business positioning, applying her years of experience to help small businesses and start-ups position their brands in order to maximize their unique differential advantage by developing and implementing tailored business development and marketing plans and customized content.

Dora has worked in multiple industries ranging from luxury products to specialty chemical formulation and manufacturing.  She has held several positions in International Business Development and Marketing, most recently as International Business Development Director with Celeste Industries Corp—a subsidiary of the multi-national ITW, Inc—where she implemented and managed New Product Development & Marketing procedures to develop and commercialize new products on the global stage, generating several million dollars in new business and helping to establish Celeste Industries as a world leader in aviation industry cleaning chemicals. 


A passionate believer in innovation and economic development, Dora also manages operations and marketing for the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (DESCA) with implementation of the Innovation to Invoice (I2I) Program that helps technologists commercialize sustainable technologies. She also supports FAME (Forum to Advance Minorities in Engineering) to STEMulate® Change in STEM education in Delaware and recently led the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Council and Emerging Enterprise Center activities, helping startups and small businesses build a sustainable business model, and supporting county and state initiatives to help drive Economic Development in Delaware, including the support of key innovation and industry hubs and driving discussions that enable the development of programs to build Delaware’s talent and workforce pipeline. She is a Board Member of the Delaware Founders' Initiative, a non-profit organization that educates and mentors startups as they launch their business, and acts as mentor to students at the University of Delaware's Horn Program in Entrepreneurship.

In 2018 Dora received Delaware Today’s “Women in Business” award and was named one of Delaware’s “People to Watch in 2019” by Delaware Business Times. 

Dora spent her early years in  Europe, studying and/or working in the UK, France, Spain and Cyprus.  She holds degrees in foreign languages and business from the University of London and Thames Valley University and  speaks fluent Spanish, French and Greek.

Testimonials & References

Goldwater Financial Group

Dora Cheatham has transformed and energized my business marketing with the creation of my website and blog and she is helping me develop my brand. She is intuitively insightful, brilliant with words and she translates very effectively what I want to convey so that the public understands and feels educated, not sold. Lastly, Dora is fun to work with and she brings a refreshingly lighthearted way of thinking to the conversation. 

Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

Dora is a talented operations director for DESCA, a technology focused non-profit, leading our event planning, digital marketing, and industry outreach. Our fund raising has increased significantly under Dora's leadership and organization skills. We are delighted to have Dora on the DESCA leadership team. 

Celeste Industries Corporation

 Working with Dora was always a pleasure. Her enthusiasm and commitment along with a thorough and in depth understanding of her marketplace and requirements meant that she always had a sound understanding of what was needed. Whatever task or project she applied herself to was completed efficiently, accurately, and provided positive results that were always of benefit to the Company and the staff she worked with. 

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Working with Dora was always a pleasure. She has a strong work ethic and always keeps the customer first. She is organized and tenacious. Her interpersonal skills are stellar and she performs well under pressure and in difficult situations. It would be my pleasure to work with Dora at some point in the future.